The Dolwen Flock

The Flock is named after our smallholding in South West Wales "Dolwen" which translates to white meadow. We run between 15 and 20 home bred ewes which have been carefully selected for breed character particularly dark features good conformation, scale, shape, style and a fleece of high quality.

Current Stock Rams

We are using two rams this year Ruslin Kilroy and Dolwen Logo. Rams at Dolwen are carefully chosen for correctness, breed character, conformation, size and show winning quality.

Ruslin Kilroy

A true to type ram with a smart erect head, good conformation with excellent hindquarter.

Ruslin Kilroy [2009]    Ruslin Kilroy [2009]

Pictured as a yearling at Kington show 2009 (1st place ram and breed champion)

Registration number: 11277

Selection of Ruslin Kilroy Offspring


Left - Dolwen Percy undefeated ram lamb [2011]

Middle - Yearling Ewe Dolwen N12 Three Counties Champion Female [National Ryeland Show 2011]

Right - Yearling Ram Dolwen Nobel Champion at Gower & Tivyside, Reserve Champion at National Rare Breeds [2011] 

Dolwen Logo

Kept to cross on Ruslin Kilroy daughters, A very correct ram with good length and breed characteristics.

Pictured at home september 2010

Best stock ram at Ryeland national show (three counties 2011)

 Registration number: M11377

Past Stock Rams

Some of our past stock rams whose bloodlines are present in our breeding ewes

Arberth Judo

A ram with very correct conformation who stands well, excellent breed characteristics, sired many show prize winners.

Arbeth Judo [2009]

Pictured at Burwarton show 2009 (1st place senior ram and reserve male champion)

 Registration number: 11000

Selection of Arberth Judo Offspring

    Dolwen Logo at Kington show [2009]    Dolwen L37 at Burwarton show [2009]    2009 Arberth Judo ram lambs (left Dolwen Lansker sold at Ryeland show and sale for £451.50 and right Dolwen Logo kept for show yearling ram)

Left - ram lamb Dolwen Logo 1st place at Kington show [2009]

Middle - yearling ewe Dolwen K37 at Burwarton show [2009]

Right - Ram lambs (left Dolwen Lansker sold Ryeland show and sale for £451.50 and right Dolwen Logo) [2009]

Dolwen Flapjack

 A successful stock ram with incredible length producing show quality lambs.

Dolwen Flapjack [2006]     Dolwen Flapjack [2005]

Pictured left as a yearling ram and right as a ram lamb with his Royal Welsh and Pembrokeshire 1st place rosettes

 Registration number: 10375


Dolwen Sutton

Our first home bred stock ram and the grand sire to many of our current breeding ewes

Dolwen Sutton [1999]

Registration number: 8963

Broomwell Uther

Purchased in 2004 to add scale to our flock

Broomwell Uther [2004]    Broomwell Uther [2004]

Registration number: 9207

Mansell Wonderboy

Purchased in 2000 to cross on Dolwen Sutton ewes.

Mansell Wonderboy [2004]

Registration number: 9549

Dolwen Welshman

A home bred ram, good hindquarter and excellent breed character.

Dolwen Welshman [2004]

Registration number: 9369